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Everything we do here is on a standard rate,

so there's no hidden charges:

Weekdays - £200 per day

Weekends - £250 per day

(If you're a 4 piece band, on a weekday thats only £50 each per day!)

* Longer sessions or album costs can be negotiated *

Please note:

Recording, mixing and mastering are all seperate processes and will be calculated separately.


What's included:

  • Setting up instruments, microphones and patching to the desk.
  • Recording of guide tracks and individual parts.
  • Use of studio owned instruments or equipment.
  • Rough mix of your work (for quality checking purposes only).

Length of sessions:

This will be dependent on how many songs you're trying to record and your availability. For an album, longer days are preferred to ensure that any extensive setting up (drums mics for example) is totally finished with. Shorter sessions can be planned but this may require additional set up (again, microphone instruments for example) and therefore, more hours.


What's included:

  • Adjust and balance individual and groups of tracks from your session, into an overall great sounding mix. This can be tracks recorded with us or from another studio session.
  • Use processes such as de-essing, equalisation and compression to individual tracks, groups of tracks, and the overall mix, to make sure that each instrument is heard, sounds crisp and remains clear.
  • Apply effects such as panning, reverb and delay to enhance the sound of each instrument and the overall mix.

How long will it take?:

This really depends on how many tracks you've recorded and the number of individual parts on those tracks. The more instruments and parts, the more elements there are to adjust and balance. You are welcome to join me with mixing and I welcome your collaboration :)


What's included:

  • Balance sonic elements and optimise the track for playback on a variety of systems and formats (for uploading to streaming services and creating physical media such as CDs or vinyl).

  • Apply equalisation, dynamic range compression and effects to enhance the sound of the overall track.

  • Carry out a final 'quality check', to ensure no errors or technical issues are present in your track. This could be a tweak to the mix or perhaps a 'pop' on an instrument that wasn't picked up earlier.

How long will it take?:

The time it takes can vary greatly, depending on experience and also who does the Mastering. Options we provide are in-house engineer, online mastering and 3rd party engineer.

Additional Services

Half day - £75

Full day - £150

* + additional costs (see below)

Session Musician

What can we hire?:

  • Bass guitarist.
  • Drummer.
  • Rhythm Lead guitarist.
  • Vocalist (main or backing).

Recording locations:

  • Your location or studio of choice (additional cost for travel & accommadation). 
  • My studio (additional cost for use of Studio8830, if not main recording location).